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What is Moneyletics?

There are parenting tools that help teach financial principles, yet none of them teach you how to turn those lessons into real world knowledge and experience.  

Moneyletics takes the guesswork out of teaching these important life skills so that it's part of your child's everyday life. It's makes working with money something they just do, naturally and confidently. The program is based upon real life financial practices that are essential to grow to be financially fit.  No games, just real life!

Using this proven system, your kids and young adults are:

  • Empowered to be confident and accomplish more
  • Better protected from scams with financial awareness
  • Make money management a part of their routine and not another thing to nag them about
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Are you preparing your kids for a financially stressful future?

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Increasingly, our kids are growing into adulthood not understanding how to manage their money and as a result are experiencing financial stress at a very young age.


Did you know there is something you can do to ensure your kids become financially confident?


It all starts with you, the parents!  The Moneyletics program was developed for you as a way to teach your kids about managing money as a lifetime skill.

With Moneyletics, raising financially fit kids can be accomplished in four easy steps!

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Hear from the Moneyletics Coach!

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Available Now!

Money Athletics: Your Game Plan To A Financially Fit Tween

Part of the Moneyletics MAP Series, this is the award winning first book. The foundational elements of this book will help your son or daughter on the road to becoming financially fit.

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"At school other kids had debit cards but weren’t conscious of what they were spending and had no idea of how to manage money.  They weren’t aware of what they had and couldn’t manage their money without their parent’s help. We got a really good base on that.  And once I got to college it’s amazing to have that knowledge especially in comparison to my friends. It makes a big difference."


"When I was younger I didn’t have to ask my dad for money and that gave me more confidence because I have more control over my life. I’ve wanted to be a doctor. . . since I was 7 and now I have more strategies to use to pay for it such as how to reduce costs and manage scholarship opportunities. It’s been really helpful because I can afford to do things, and not stress about having enough money."


"In middle school, it was cool because I had so much more money than everyone else since I knew how to manage it better. There have been a lot of things that I’ve learned and it’s helped me through high school like not spending money on lunch everyday just every other day, it’s a choice. And, It’s definitely something I’ll do with my own kids because it’s been a huge advantage."

About the Moneyletics MAP Series

The Moneyletics MAP Series is a progression of books being developed that offer a game plan to teach children about money as they grow through the stages of childhood into adulthood.

The Moneyletics MAP Series includes the following:
  • Money Amateurs Program - for parents of young children ages 5 to 10
  • Money Athletics Program - for parents of tweens ages 11 to 14
  • Money All-Stars Program  - for parents of teens ages 15 to 18
  • Money All-Stars Plus - for young adults readers ages 19+

This approach allows parents to implement an age appropriate program for their son or daughter. Each book and program in the series builds upon the previous; however, regardless of when your son or daughter begins they will benefit.

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Money Amateurs Program

(Coming in the Future)

This book focuses on establishing early foundational money skills in a playful manner setting the stage for future growth in your child's financial fitness

Money Athletics Program

(Available Now)

This book helps you implement an age appropriate structured program introducing your tween to the real-life tasks of managing their own money

Money All-Stars Program

(Coming in the Future)

This book helps you build upon, or implement new, a structured program for your teen to manage their own financial affairs in a real-life manner

Money All-Stars Plus

(Coming in the Future)

This book is for the young adult reader to build upon, or implement new, a structured program that will strengthen their financial fitness into adulthood

Craig Kaley - The Moneyletics Coach

Craig Kaley loves being a parent to his two sons and daughter, and like many parents he has a passionate desire to leave a lasting legacy for them. One area he believes that legacy should be strong is around financial fitness.

While his kids were young, what he wanted was a way to help them learn life skills around managing money. He was looking for a parenting tool that went beyond teaching just financial topics. When he couldn't find what he was looking for he created the system that became the Moneyletics.

Athletics and the outdoors are a big part of the Kaley family. Craig was a coach for his kid's sports teams of soccer and baseball while his wife Karen was often the team Mom. Craig was able to carry over his experience as an inspiring athletic coach to the topic of finances. Principles of education, coaching, practicing and real life execution are foundational elements of the program.

While an engineering degree and an M.B.A. helped Craig create the Moneyletics, it is his role as a parent that contributed the most in his endeavor. That is why he is so proud to see his three kids, and the kids of many other families that have gone through the program, possess the financial skills that make parents proud.

Today, Craig is a practicing IT professional and is also a speaker, trainer and coach for Moneyletics. His desire of leaving a legacy has expanded to help as many parents as he can to raise their kids into financially fit young adults.

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