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Money Athletics Book Launch Party – Will anybody show up?

#moneyletics book launch money athletics Jan 08, 2018

Writing my first book was a journey that lasted almost two years.

It was not the actual writing of the book that took that long, but everything that surrounds the process of creating a professional literary product. I had no clue what I was getting into! I learned however that surrounding myself with people that knew the ropes and could guide me through the maze helped a lot!

Writing the content for the book became the comfortable part of the process since it was just me and the computer. Sure, I knew my editor would weigh in and suggest changes, but even that relationship would become comfortable.

As the final edits completed and everything started coming together, the final hurdle was the Book Launch Party! Just the thought of it made my heart race with fear!

There are many people that have a gift for event planning. They know all of the details; how to send out invites, how to decorate the venue, when to schedule it, what to wear, activities to do during the event, and more. I am NOT one of those people.

The whole process stresses me out. In fact, I was less stressed attending my own wedding. At least I knew who was going to show for that. I had no idea if 10 people, or 100 people would show up for my book launch party. So many questions were going through my head. Should I have even wrote this book? Will anybody read it?

Just like a wedding, the party ended up being very fun and a lot of friends, family and people that helped me along the way showed. I don't know what I was so worried about. After the book launch party though is when the work really starts - sharing the book and it's ideas so people know there's help out there.


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