Get your Personal MFI

Craig Kaley


Before Moneyletics was even a thought in Craig's mind, he was enjoying life with his family. His wonderful wife, Karen, plus their children, Scott, Tyler, and Nicole, rounded out the Kaley bunch. Sports have always been a big part of the Kaley family and they had the honor of attending the 2001 celebration when the Colorado Avalanche won the Stanley Cup. They were all so young then!

Kids grow up so fast!

The kids continued to grow and Craig knew that an important part of parenting was to impart life skills upon their kids. Helping them become financially fit was one of the those skills that Craig wanted to ensure his kids took with them into adulthood.

Solving the Problem

Craig studied engineering in college as well as business and finance in graduate school. He had been a strong problem solver his entire life; however, teaching his kids about money left him a bit stumped. There were some books and programs out there, but they all seemed to focus on the detailed technical skills of personal finance, not the big picture view. Then, an idea hit him!

The Solution

Craig coached all of his kids in their respective sports activities as they were growing up. In all cases, practicing was a critical part of them gaining the skills to be successful in their specific sport. It seemed obvious to Craig that he needed to develop a program that focused on his kids "learning by doing."

The accompanying chart reflects how we learn. If we don't practice and reinforce what we have been taught, we stop improving. This is the underlying premise for the Moneyletics program.

The Moneyletics Coach

The Moneyletics program was so successful with Craig's kids that friends and family started taking notice. Craig took the advice of many of those friends and family to share the program with other parents. As a result, Craig wrote the first book in the Moneyletics MAP series, Money Athletics: Your Game Plan to a Financially Fit Tween. He is now focused on creating online training programs, along with personal coaching, to bring his program to the masses. Craig loves the idea of being your Moneyletics Coach!